Tuesday, September 29, 2020

New book out! 'The Chic Closet'


Hi chic friends!

I’m so happy to let you know my newest book is out!  Please meet ‘The Chic Closet: Inspired ideas to develop your personal style, fall in love with your wardrobe, and bring back the joy of dressing yourself’.

Normally when I release a book, the Kindle version is available straight away, and the paperback copy takes a little longer to go through the Amazon approval system.

However, at the moment Amazon is having a site-wide issue with many Kindle books being ‘stuck’ temporarily in the pre-publishing stage.

I have been waiting until they fixed it before I let you know about ‘The Chic Closet’, but I don’t know how long it will be.  Hopefully it will be sorted soon!

So in the meantime, please feel free to browse the free sample, and order the print copy if you are a paper kind of gal.

I had such fun writing this book and it really reignited my love for my own closet, without me even needing to go shopping.

Take a browse and see if ‘The Chic Closet’ is your thing :)  Keep your eyes peeled for the Kindle copy, and I’ll let you know as soon as I hear too!

You can find my new book here on Amazon.

Wishing you a wonderful day, and thank you so much for all the lovely emails I’ve received about my extended break.  I have the nicest and most caring readers and I am so grateful for that.

Everything truly is just fine, it’s just that as an introvert it’s a lot for me to be online.  I’m happiest when I am tucked away writing my books :)

I hope you are taking the time to recharge your batteries too if you feel the need.  Honour yourself.

Talk to you soon!

xx Fiona

Go here to view 'The Chic Closet' on Amazon!


  1. Congratulations, Fiona! You have become mightily prolific and I love that. When I get get that feeling of "what's the use?" (which has been a big temptation in 2020) I get out one of your books or go to the archives on your blog and restore my soul. Being chic has become the foundation of my daily joy and I thank you for pointing the way, I look forward to this new read.
    xo karen

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Karen! I'm so happy to hear that my books and blog and helpful to you :) xx

  2. This is so exiting! Love all your books!

  3. Congratulations Fiona! I know how much work goes into producing a beautiful new book, and I'm looking forward to ordering yours in paperback! One of my favorites of your past books is "30 Slim Days." So inspiring for a healthy approach to a healthy weight. I'm like Karen (above) who sometimes feels "What's the use?" Your books are all so encouraging, and they help to banish that helpless feeling.

  4. Yay! It is now available on kindle too; I downloaded this morning and am half way through already. Love the cover. Congrats on yet another inspiring volume Fiona; there's quite a list on kindle when your name is searched; that must feel so good! Catherine H


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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