Saturday, February 1, 2020

Chic cat style, Ralph Lauren home and a 1980s throwback

Jessica and Nina loving life 😻

I think we could all learn how to live well from cats, don’t you? They please themselves but never worry that they’re being selfish. They know how to relax. They exude insouciance to rival any Parisian girl. And they rock chic colour combos such as black and white, cream and beige, grey and tan - classic neutrals basically.

Oh yes, if anyone could write the book on living a first-class life, cats could. I would buy it! Luckily most of us have our very own mentors to observe at home.

Are the cats stylish and pampered at your place too? 😻

Our hallway at home

I have always loved wide-striped wallpaper in fancy homes and five-star hotels. It just looks so luxe to me. Plus it goes with our 'Ralph Lauren on a budget' home style.

We took the punt and it worked out perfectly for us.

Would you be brave enough to wallpaper your hall like we have??? What is something you’ve done with home decor that you knew was right for you but others might have wondered about? πŸ™ƒ


Throwback to my friend Cheri and I, with Ned the donkey in the background. I’ve always loved stripes and classic clothing! It's late 1988 my mum thinks.

xx Fiona

PS. For those of you in the thick of winter, I do hope you have read all my tips in How to be Chic in the Winter: Living slim, stylish and happy in the cold season.  You can find a free sample to download from Amazon here. Or use the 'Look Inside' function at the same link to read straight away on your screen.

As for us, it's high summer here in New Zealand and we're having a glorious heatwave - mid-thirties C most days (which is mid-nineties in F).  I love all the seasons!


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  1. I have been missing you and your BLOG. I may just hang out here for a little while today. I will check out your winter book, since we are in the midst of winter, though for Central Oregon, it has been mild lately. I am glad you are enjoying the warm weather. Blessings and a friendly hug, Paula

  2. I just saw the date of my post and smiled! It is still 31 January here, as I type. :)

  3. Happy to read your lovely blog again! I love love love the bold stripes in your hallway! It does look elegant and luxe - and has given me some ideas for our home. I agree about cats too - those Zen masters. Ours feels that any time is a good time for a cuddle and you can’t waste a sunny window in winter - you must nap bedside it. Rather nice way to live, whether cat or human.

  4. The stripe hall is lovely!
    Our cats are very sleepy and content...I wish I could nap like they do.
    Have missed your blog posts and am very pleased to see this one today!
    Enjoy your weekend

  5. I like the way, Fiona, that you boldly decorate as to what your inner self wants to express. I am currently doing that too, in wee abode. I have realised that I am quite feminine (and that's been hidden awhile) and would like my home to reflect this.

  6. I have always loved stripes, especially these wide stripes. Love the cats, too. Yes, the life of a cat in a lovely home might be perfect (although I'd not like to go out for the calls of nature, but perhaps you have a kitty litter tray).
    Margaret P

  7. Joining in on the love of strips, how clever to combine with the black framed prints.
    I re-read your winter chic book before Christmas, loads of inspiration and looking forward to what comes next.
    Cheers Fiona from Rita

  8. How can the makeover be so drastic? The room looks crammy compared to the old picture, but it is stunning. I adore antiques, and your room looks straight out of an old household. The French sofa completed the finishing look. I wish you a happy blogging Andie!!

  9. I have been thinking about that wallpaper in our vestibule..... Still thinking

  10. Fiona, I am not a cat lover. I prefer dogs. But I must admit that cats are easy to maintain. My friend who takes music class in Coimbatore, found some abandoned kittens and adopted them. No matter where they go out during the day, they always get back home at night.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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