Saturday, December 23, 2017

An haute couture Christmas

Just imagine an haute couture Christmas, where you are dressed beautifully, you glide around chatting with a glass of something festive in your hand, and you have happy conversations with the people you are spending the day with. If you’ve travelled to get to your holiday destination you felt like a movie star in big sunglasses and a looped scarf, giant tote bag full of travel essentials over your shoulder

You’ve made yourself a little secret plan of how you’re going to be, and no-one else needs to know about it. If you need a little help, you recruit inspiration in the form of channelling Megan, or Audrey, or Aerin, or Martha – choose your flavour!

You forget old thought patterns and old habits, and focus on how you would rather be instead. You let yourself be fresh and new, and look on this Christmas day with wonder and happiness. People that might have annoyed you with how they spoke or acted in the past cannot even touch you now. You happily shower them with love and watch how this changes your view of them. It’s like you sprinkled glittery snowflakes all over the scene. Yes, you do live in a snow-globe!

It’s so nice to not have to change anyone else in order for you to feel good. You realised that one day a while back, and it changed your life. You can’t believe you used to be such a control freak, but c’est la vie, that’s life. Nowadays you simply focus on how you are, and you are relishing the new lease of life you feel from this small change.

You don’t worry about food and eating anymore either. You eat what you eat, and you feel good about it. You bless your food with love before you put it in your mouth, and you are positive about your body. You never put yourself down anymore and it feels amazing. You continually focus on your healthy and happy body, and have everything around you be a vibration of love, by the thoughts and words you put out.

You are excited for a beautiful holiday season, and you also can’t wait to start executing all those fun plans you have in store for a positive and successful 2018. How cool is that to look forward to?

Whether the weather is snowy or blazing hot, or even a blah and grey in-between, the brilliance is shining out of you from the inside – from your core, your soul. Nothing can touch you because you are a force of your own.

A force for love, happiness, health and brightness. You are a force for kindness, generosity and wealth. You know that you powered by the light and you are unstoppable. You harness that energy and let it help you do amazing things in the world starting with how you approach your everyday.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Fiona xx


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  1. Miss Fee, this has to be THE best post I've ever read. So encouraging and full of inspiration that it totally changed how I think about things. I AM going into the new year a new woman and I am applying everything you stated here. Absolutely brilliant!

  2. Thanks for this. So much truth in your words.

  3. What a fabulous post...such an inspiration! Thank you - and have a very Merry Christmas and a new year filled with ALL good things!

  4. I felt calm just reading this :) Merry Christmas to you!

  5. A lovely post, Fiona, and I love your Christmas tree! I'm not going to be chanelling a Megan, though, or an Audrey, Aerin or a Martha (I presume these are female heroines, women dead or alive, who are a la mode?) but I'm going to be very much Margaret. I never imagine being anyone else and I'm happy to be Margaret, I've lived with her long enough and know her inside out, ha ha. But a lovely post, Fiona, and may I wish you and your husband a very Happy Christmas from here in Devon, UK.
    Margaret P

  6. What you have written is exactly what I hope to be doing throughout the holidays and into the new year. There is nothing like being your best self and your words are the perfect inspiration. Thank you and Merry Christmas from Kentucky, U.S.

  7. Beautiful! I am imagining a charming, elegant, vibrant and loving me into existence for Christmas Day. I hope yours will be extra special in your new home xx

  8. Yes, lay down the burden of trying to change people! I'm afraid I'll never get to where nothing can touch me, and not sure I want to, but definitely want to be kept from others' negativity or drama.
    Merry Christmas Fiona! xo Deborah

  9. Holy Cow! This is not my best chic reaction, but it is my first and most honest one! I read this on my way to finding an overnight breakfast casserole and my mood immediately changed from "hurry! hurry!" to "I've got this! " THANK YOU, FIONA! I'm your biggest fan! I'm sure many would fight me for that honor but I'm up for the fray! A very Merry Christmas to you and your dear man and to all those who hang out with you during the holidays. XO

  10. Merry Christmas Fiona! Very inspiring post!

  11. "Nothing can touch you because you are a force of your own". I loved this post, but especially the above inspirational sentence. I really needed it today. Thanks so much. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and enjoy a wonderful 2018!


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