Thursday, March 10, 2016

How to have star quality

When I think of someone having star quality, I wonder What makes them that way? What made George Clooney the way he is, or Audrey Hepburn or Martha Stewart? So I’ve been having a think about this and have teased out some attributes that those with star quality possess, and that I’m enjoying playing with for myself.

The number one attribute I’ve decided, is confidence. No-one can bestow confidence on you – you have to claim it for yourself. If you believe it, you’ve got it, it’s as simple as that. All those confident people you see around didn’t magically become that way. Well, maybe a few were born confident, but the rest come by it with a blend of courage, daring, acknowledgement of things they do well, gumption and testing the waters. Imagine doing everything you do in a normal day from a complete state of confidence that it will turn out well, wouldn’t that be something. Why not try on confidence for a day and see how much it suits you?

Celebrate what’s different about you and love what you love. Trying to blend in with others and homogenise yourself is the opposite of having star quality. When you think about your favourite superstars, whether they are an actor, singer, performer or celebrity – I’ll bet they are famous for aspects that are quite unique to them. They probably haven’t followed a trend – rather, they created their own trend based on their strengths and passions.

Tagging on the last point, someone with star power has often made their strengths and passions their business. They’ve worked out a way to bring their creativity to the world and be compensated beautifully for it. They really are living the dream life, being paid to do something that they love so much they’d do for free.

Don’t apologise for your (perceived) weaknesses. In fact, superstars don’t often remember what their own weaknesses are because they’d rather spend their time and energy thinking about the good stuff. How can you create amazing things in the world if you’re constantly looking into your shadows and worrying about them? Turn to face the sun instead and soak in its energising rays as you focus on all that is well and happy in your world.

You keep a high vibration and your star power bright by doing things that make you feel good – eating nutritiously, keeping hydrated, spending time with people that make you feel happy and saying non to things that drain you. When you are in a high frequency you feel light and joyful – it’s a wonderful place to be.

You dress like you are playing ‘you’ in a movie. You have a curated wardrobe that reflects the character you are playing. Sometimes I get dressed in an ordinary, slightly bored way, and then other days I dress like I’m playing my character. It might be similar clothes from the same wardrobe, but it just feels different. I think it’s the intention behind it that matters. Everything seems sunnier on those days.

Having a starry state of mind means you rise above pettiness, jealousy and gossip because you are cultivating loftier thoughts such as fun projects, future goals and delicious plans.

You know that your physical body is literally your vehicle to get you through your whole life, so you treat it like the precious jewel that it is. Would you spend a lot of money on a European sports car and then fill it with cheap, low-grade fuel? We are lucky, our body was given to us and it is priceless; we need to honour it with appropriate portions of high-quality fuel that it deserves.

As someone with star quality, you have sacred boundaries. Others know that you will not accept poor behaviour, and you respect your own boundaries as well. It’s a two-way thing.

You have mystique and are careful about how much you give away about yourself. You are not an open book for just anyone to flick though. Being this way lights you up from within – you positively glow.

You have charisma. You are warmly interested in other people – you remember names and make them feel like they have an important contribution. You are an expert at listening with interest and also in how to wrap up a conversation in an easy and beautiful way.

As someone with star power, you got to be the way you are by always looking for ways to uplevel yourself, at the same time as being completely and blissfully happy with your life. It seems a weird dichotomy – just how can we be accepting and striving at the same time? But it is possible and there is a different energy behind it. If you are looking to better yourself because you don’t feel happy with how you are, it’s quite a needy and grasping energy. When you have a deep and complete love and acceptance of yourself however, you naturally want to improve things around you (and it seems more effortless).

Every day you wonder in awe at how lucky you got. You love your life and are joyful and extremely appreciative of your good fortune.

So there you have my thoughts on how to become someone with a bright and twinkling star quality. I think it’s quite doable, and really, it’s all between the ears (like they always say!).

Sparkle bright, dear readers.


  1. What a shimmering letter to receive in the afternoon - right on a day I really needed to feel uplifted again!

    Thank you for sharing your heart and thoughts with us lucky readers (I always look forward to receiving your e-newsletters). I hope you are having a beautiful day being you.

  2. It must be a combination of things...positive thoughts as always, welcomed

  3. Fabulous and inspirational post, Fiona . Love it :)

  4. Fantastic Fiona! I love how confidence is at the top and that it is available to us all!

  5. Love this Fiona!! Especially the line "You dress like you are playing ‘you’ in a movie". This is exactly how I dress each day! What a great reminder and inspiration for those days I'd like to take a day off, it will make me think twice ;-)

  6. I like how you identify star quality with taking care of yourself. When you take care of yourself as best you can, everything seems better. I completely agree Fiona!


  7. A wonderful post Fiona, thank you 🌟


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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