Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The ‘More’ Technique

Common wisdom says that whatever you give someone attention for encourages them to do more of the same.  It’s used with children and even for training dogs.  Therefore, to apply it to ourselves, this wisdom says that you would do well to focus on the good behaviour and ignore the bad behaviour - because you want more of the good, and not the bad of course.

It makes so much sense.  Instead of telling ourselves we cannot stay up late because we will be tired in the morning or we cannot eat treat foods all the time; why not reframe these statements?  Many examples spring to mind and reading this list is very appealing to me (more so than a list of nots):

More water (to drink)
More fruit and vegetables
More protein
More walking
More sleep
More early nights
More home-cooked meals
More quiet time
More time spent grooming
More time spent organising
More fun

Doesn’t that sound much more motivating?

For me, in addition to the above, this week I’m going to focus on:

More creativity
More time to spare by being better organised
More books to read
More being
More positive affirmations
More listening
More green tea

What are you going to do MORE of?


  1. This post is very refreshing after so many decluttering and minimizing articles on the web.

  2. Yes Fiona! MORE of a good life in general. Your list is a lot more compelling than a "What NOT to Do" list. I'd much rather focus on the positive like this, rather than saying no, no, no to myself.

    By the way, look how gorgeous you look in that photo :)

  3. MORE posts please!
    KAT ��

  4. Mine would be feeling more about myself more positive more courageous

  5. I love that Jane, more positivity and more courageousness :)

  6. I feel relaxed and de-stressed just reading that list! I love gentle reminders. Thank you, Fiona :)


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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