Friday, January 23, 2015

Summer Holiday

Hydrangeas in our garden - I grew them from cuttings - so proud!

Even though I have been back at work for three weeks now, my mind is still on holiday.  I’ve not been able to string three words together to form a post!  Instead I’ve just been enjoying… being.  Our weather is stunningly beautiful – one blue-skied warm-breeze day after another.  I’m sorry if I’m showing off if you are in the depths of winter where you are – you can pay me back in July.

It’s nice to feel like we are still on holiday whilst still going to work.  And one thing I forget about January is that it’s our business’s second busiest month of the year after December.  For some reason I think that after we’ve gotten December sorted I can relax.  And I can, but not until February.

So January is one long stretch of work and relaxation with the backdrop of a sub-tropical paradise.  I’ve been reading all my glorious library books which I have overstocked myself with.  There is one whole bookshelf at home filled with them and I’m loving working my way through the queue.

Plus I’ve started a knitting project and that’s fun, even though it’s slightly out-of-season.  It will be in-season when it is completed.

Something I have re-remembered lately has been thrilling me too – it’s the transformative quality of finishing little tasks.  All those half-done things that get you down, and sometimes they don’t even take that long to do.  But when it’s busy it is all too easy to notice them (yet again) and pass them on by.

One big thing that has been on my back for several months is getting together all our tax stuff.  Because it’s big and once a year it’s hard to get started.  I know I’m not alone here.  And even though I am relatively organised it is still an ordeal.  And now that I’ve completed it and handed it in to our accountant, I wonder what I was putting it off for since it doesn’t seem that bad.  But I do the same year after year.  I will have to remember the empowering feeling of accomplishment and freedom when it’s done so I don’t let the torture of it hanging over me go on for too long next time.

And simple tidying of cluttery piles makes you feel amazing too.  Since we came back from holiday and launched ourselves into January at work, home has been a little neglected (on the inside anyway, outside is going good, with lovely watered and happy growing things).  Yesterday I came home early from work and tidied and vacuumed and I feel like a new person.  I slept so well last night!

And that leads me onto another thing.  I’ve been having late (for me) nights lately and I’m craving early nights.  I heard today that ‘sleep makes you skinny’ and that it makes you crave sugar less and therefore you lose weight when you get 7-8 hours’ sleep minimum.  And if it’s one thing I could do with, it’s craving sugar less.  So I’m off to wash my face and potter ideally at 9pm, definitely no later than 9.30pm so I have time to read before lights out at 10pm.

So I really just wanted to call in and say hi, in this Seinfeld-esque post about nothing.  And for the season I’m in, that’s probably exactly what I need - nothing, to ‘just be’ (when at home anyway).

Before I go, if you haven’t already heard about TonyaLeigh’s French Kiss Life Club, I’d definitely recommend you to sign up (it’s free to join).  Since being introduced to Tonya’s website several months ago by two of my very dear international blog friends, I’ve been entranced by her rose-tinted view on the world. 

I even joined Tonya for her ‘Slim, Chic and Savvy’ programme late last year and it was truly fabulous, well worth the money spent.  I’ve already joined the FKL Club and the first newsletter had so many good ideas in it.  #frenchkisslife

See you next week!


  1. Hydrangea from cuttings? Well done Fiona! I know what you mean about January in your shop, we are busy in ours too -- but I'm still "mentally" on holidays.

  2. I love Tonya's French Kiss club, too! Interacting with ladies from all over the world on her new Facebook page is such a day brightener, too! Have a lovely day, Fiona!

  3. I'm part of the FKL club, too! So inspiring to have women lift each other up rather than tear each other down, which I experience on a daily basis. Fiona, you're posts are always uplifting whether they are about "nothing" or not. Would love to hear more about your Slim, Chic and Savvy experience (without giving away too many secrets). How has it changed you?

  4. I'll have to check out the FKL Club. I'm still so happy you are back blogging!

  5. I love the FKL club! I found Tonya via your blog, Fiona, so thank you!

  6. Hi Rose! Yes, it's easy to grow them from cuttings. Just plant a stick in soil and water it. I started mine in pots and then transferred to the garden. Watering every day whilst they are getting going is the key. I'm glad to hear your shop is busy too!

    Sharlynn, I agree!

    Deborah, Slim Chic and Savvy is similar subjects to Tonya's blog posts but you go way more in depth, and each day's lesson has audio tracks like the blog posts. I have gained so much from the course, and will continue to. And I get to re-do the course each time at no cost - it's really fun! I've never done therapy but I feel like I've been to a really good one in Paris now. I feel happy and like I can work through any issue. Tonya has such a gift.

    Leigh and Tracy Lee, thank you!

  7. Dear Fiona, The "nothing" you refer to is, I think, the most profound! Daily life doings are so much more important in and of itself. I always find inspiration in your posts, so please don't ever feel there has to be something spectacular about them.

    Bisous, D.

  8. Hi Fiona,

    Thanks for your update. It's wonderful to hear you are taking advantage of the beautiful summer days and nurturing your sense of being. I can't think of anything more important.

    I've never heard of the FKL club, so will definitely check it out. Thanks for the tip.

    Here's to more lovely summer days!


  9. I also have a hydrangea in my backyard that we started from a cutting years ago. It was taken from my parents' garden, which in turn was taken from my grandparents' it has a history that I love too!
    I appreciate the info about the FKL Club and I will check it out...sounds very interesting!

  10. D, you are so right - it's the daily life doings that are important to enjoy because those moments are creating our life!

    Alison, sante!

    MJ, my cuttings came from my parents garden too, but before that... likely the garden centre. Yours have a nice long lineage that is very cool.

  11. Just love hydrangeas! Know what you mean about January being sort of holiday mode. Even though hubby is back at work we have a long weekend this weekend for Australia Day so it still feels like holiday time!

  12. Hi Fiona, I'm so happy that you shared 'The French Kiss Life" club on your blog, and that I joined it! I'm finding many new insights, and hoping to gain many more. I found it interesting that you spoke about 'getting more sleep at night', which is one thing I definitely need to change some habits in! Hope to break some of these sugar cravings!! Many thanks to you for your insightful blogging!

  13. Hi Fiona! I just wanted to pop in and say 'merci' for sharing The French Kiss Life Club with your lovely community!

    Sending you lots of love!



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