Friday, October 31, 2014

How to make walking fun

I made the best purchase last week which I am beyond thrilled with.  Before I go into that though I want to tell you about me and exercise.  I’m not a fan.  If it’s gentle, I’m happy.  But sometimes even then I can’t be bothered which is not a very chic way to think I know.  I love my yoga class when I’m there but if there’s a reason I can’t go, I’m not unhappy about it.

Same with walking, in my mind I am a walker and true, I will happily walk into town (40 minutes) rather than take the bus or car, but walking daily for exercise like I ‘think’ I do, well it gets blown off rather often.

I never took our iPod out walking because it’s quite big, I need a pocket because I was afraid of dropping it and also because I never remembered to.  Plus, I like to work things out in my head whilst walking and music seemed to intrude on that.

Then I had an idea to get a tiny cheap iPod and put only my podcasts/audiobooks/saved audio clips etc on, as I love listening to them for inspiration.  I listen to them when I’m getting ready in the morning, driving in the car, and in the evening when I wash my face.

If I bought a tiny cheap iPod I could listen to my inspiring podcasts more and actually look forward to walking!  So I bought an iPod Shuffle 2GB and it’s SO tiny.  The size of an inch-square piece of Lindt chocolate tiny.  Ridiculously tiny.  But it fits all the podcasts I’d ever want to listen to, and has a little springy clip on the back, so it attaches to my neckline or bra strap and I’m off!

The first day I used it I planned to walk for around 30 minutes, but chose to go down extra streets (and even a nice-looking cul de sac for a look) simply because I wanted to keep listening.  I ended up walking for 50 minutes and it seemed effortless.  And the next day an hour.  Yay!

Even today, a week later I realise I have walked most if not all days since I bought it.

Now I totally understand all those people I keep seeing with earphones in (which used to be everyone except me).  I’m not a technology person, I don’t have a smart phone yet for example, but I totally love it when technology offers me a simple, fun and inexpensive solution.  And I can still hear traffic over the talking so I am safe (plus I always look when crossing the roads).

Working on my mind and body at the same time – love it!

And the unexpected bonus is that I have been using it when I do my housework too, and mind pottering away cleaning our home much less than I used to.  I paid NZ$69 for ours, and I seethey are US$49 in America.  What a bargain for such a handy device.

Here are some of my favourite inspirational listenings (and please let me know your favourites to give me some ideas!):

*        - Tonya Leigh’s blog post audio clips (plus her YouTube soirees – I save them as audio using an online converter then save them to my iPod Shuffle)

*        - The Simple Sophisticate podcasts on iTunes

*        - Interviews with inspiring people as found on iTunes (such as Peter Walsh, Louise Hay and Brian Tracy)

PS.  Promise this is not a paid advertisement…but it should be.


  1. Thank you so much for this post! I really enjoy your blog. My iPhone and I do very welll at getting off the 'couch' if I have something interesting or amusing or tuneful to listen to. I appreciate your podcast recommendations so much. ..Will try them out right away. I also recommend TED talks and many of the US's NPR podcasts. Enjoy!

  2. I love Tonya Leigh! I believe I found her from your blog. :)

  3. Fiona like yours my phone is not smart and I've always wondered about people being tuned in to iPods when they exercise. This sounds like something I would like, thanks I'll check it out.

    You look fabulous in the photo.

  4. I am not a big fan of ear phones as I think I'm going a bit deaf, but you have inspired me to perhaps give it a go to motivate the walking I so badly need to do. I also need to get back to yoga.

  5. This is fabulous. I'm so technically challenged, but to think i could listen to these sort of podcasts etc (first gotta figure out how to load one) but it's really given me an idea to get my feet moving and like you. actually enjoy it.


  6. You are so cute...your last sentence--LOL! I run against the current when it comes to technology...and I hate jumping on bandwagons(my phone is not smart--at all--and my laptop is ancient). I hang on to whatever I do have technology wise until it dies or becomes obsolete (practically). That being said, I did by an iPod touch last year-which I LOVE-but I am SO tech stupid that I don't even know what a podcast is. I know I would enjoy what you discuss here...especially when I am out walking. I will look into learning something "new" to me (hey, two days ago I learned that my iPod came with earbuds and a wrist strap--they were still buried in the box and I only learned of it because my daughter's new iPod arrived in the mail and she showed me hers. I might be hopeless).

  7. I love my Shuffle. I got it a few years ago- I'm not really interested in anything fancier for what I do, which is listen to music or podcasts. I like to make up different playlists on my laptop to suit different moods and then load them to my Shuffle so I have theme music for my day. I find it much easier to walk with suitable music playing- not too loud so I can hear traffic, though!

  8. Inquiring minds want to know what you are using on your skin because your face is absolutely radiant!

    I like the idea that you can clip the shuffle on your clothing. That's the one thing I don't like about using my phone is I need to carry it. Your shuffle is so tiny and chic!

  9. I second the request for a skincare and makeup post. You look about 19 years old in your gorgeous photo and I want to know your secrets! You look absolutely incredible!

  10. When I opened your post today Fiona, I laughed because I just wrote a blog post today before seeing this post about how I have not been able to go for my walks the past few months due to a foot problem. Anyway, I like your idea here! Like you, I'm not a fan of exercise per se, and try to incorporate movement in other ways, plus walk in my neighborhood. But, I think I need more! Kudos to you for sharing this resource. :) Owning a shoe store though, I bet you get in more walking than you realize!

  11. P.S. Your cute photo today? You really do look like Kate Winslet, my dear!

  12. Great idea, Fiona. I have an iPod that I never use. Don't listen to music all that often. But using it to listen to an audiobook or podcast is genius. I hate to walk in my neighborhood. Have lived here for 33 years so there really is nothing left to see. I love to walk in the city for exercise because I am discovering new areas in addition to getting a workout. But I never walk here because there is nothing new. At least with an audiobook, I could be engaged while getting a walk.

  13. Thanks for the inspiration, Fiona. I went to the Apple website today and ordered the red Shuffle for when I'm walking. I have an IPod Touch but tucking it into my bra has not been ideal...think sweat on the screen, having to pull it out to swipe to a new song, etc. And I agree with the look radiant!!!

  14. Thanks for the tip about the mini iPod. My first thought as your post opened was that you are lovely.


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