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Inspiring Blogs

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Ever since I started reading the first blog I came across almost a decade ago, they have been happy places of inspiration and company. Sometimes I will click through to a blog that is new to me and read for a short while before moving on. It is subtle things that can turn you on or off to a blog but the main thing to me is the genuineness of someone’s voice.

I am still reading the first blog that came onto my radar and even though her life is totally different to mine, really, in every way possible, I still gain peace and pleasure from many of her posts.

Others listed below I have also been reading for many years and even if I might have a break because I’ve lost all my bookmarks with a computer changeover for example, I eventually find my favourites again and it’s like visiting an old friend!

I have gained so many fabulous ideas and ways to live well from all the blog posts that I have read over the years, and a lot of them I have printed out to make my own wonderful books. My favourite early-bedtime reading is one of these binders. They soothe me like nothing else does.

Of course you have to have your own mind and decide the direction you want your life to take and what you want in it, but I do really enjoy having places I can visit when I am lacking in motivation or need inspiring. I think the one thing that these blogs share is that they tell me I am good enough exactly as I am, whilst also making me want to be the best version of myself possible and be nice to others at the same time. Isn't that grand?

I’d like to share with you a few of my long-time favourites. Some of them are religious and many are focused on the home, and living in a beautifully simple way. Seeing them listed now, I don’t really follow style blogs it seems. I feel like I should but I don’t! I find fashion blogs can make me feel anxious and like I'm not trying hard enough. I have my own classic way of dressing that I tweak over time to stay au courant (that's what I tell myself anyway). By not having too many clothes, it means when I do purchase something it is from the current season so I don't worry about that really.

In no particular order, my long-time favourites:

Charming The Birds From The Trees

Home Living

Pleasant View Schoolhouse

Domestic Felicity

The Gardener’s Cottage

And some newer (to me) ones I am enjoying at the moment:

Down To Earth

Posie Gets Cozy

The Quiet Home

The Enchanted Cottage

And then there are the blogs which have been deleted or are no longer being written on that I treasure the wise words I have saved and printed out. I can’t say thank you to all those people individually, but perhaps by sending it out into the atmosphere now, it will reach them in some way. Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for your thoughts and ideas. Your words have helped me in more ways than you will ever know.

I would love to hear your all-time favourite and perhaps longest-time reading blogs? I’m always open to new ones (even if they aren’t new at all!)


  1. "Ever since I started reading the first blog I came across almost a decade ago, they have been happy places of inspiration and company. "

    Quoting you, as that's exactly how I feel about your blog. It is very soothing and takes me to a happy place. That's why I was so sad when you stopped and so very happy when you resumed blogging. Please don't underestimate yourself!

  2. I feel the very same way about some of my favorite blogs, yours included. They inspire, calm, cheer, motivate, and feel like old friends. I wish I had copied a very favorite blog of mine to put in a binder because it is gone now, and was one of my very favorite.

    I'm familiar with some of the blogs you list, and agree that genuineness and warmth are always beautiful when you find them.

  3. Fiona, your blog is MY inspiration blog! Thanks for suggestions for additional reading! --Andrea at classylocal.blogspot.com

  4. dear fiona i'm so honored to make your list. you've no idea how happy that has made me. i love love your blog too. was so sad when you stopped and now that you are back your voice is even clearer than before. now i will go visit your blog list and see just what i'm missing. x

  5. I've never read The Gardener's Cottage, but now I have and I LOVE IT. How did this one escape my notice all these years? Do I need to have my eyes examined, maybe?


  6. oh i forgot to tell you of a wonderful blog that one of my readers just told me about. i'm sure you will love it as much as i do...


  7. I love the Gardener's Cottage. Her simple approach to life and her wonderful style are inspiring. And she takes the time to comment when she can which I appreciate.

    Also, try Hostess of the Humble Bungalow. That is truly my favorite. I get a sense of calm when reading her blog and I think you would enjoy it.

  8. Dear Fiona, I read a couple of the blogs you mention here and I love them too, but your blog is the first thing I go to when I turn on my computer! I can't tell you how thrilled and thankful you are back. I will definitely check out the blogs you've referenced, if they come recommended by you, I'm sure I'll like them. There are a couple blogs I think you might like: justalittleless, and smallnotebook.org.

  9. Well, thank you very much for the lovely comments. I promise I did not write this post with an ulterior motive, really!

    Also merci for the new blogs to check out, and Kristien, I can't believe I missed out our Humble Hostess. Leslie's blog is definitely one of my long-time favourites too.

  10. Fiona, I simply adore your blog! I recently went back to read through your entire archive and was so inspired. :)

    I'm also enjoying A Gardner's Cottage thanks to your recommendation.

    Thank you so much for including my blog on the list! It is an honor, indeed!

  11. I read three faithfully abd they are the blog by you Fiona " How to be Chic " also the blog " Brocante Home " by Alison May and Parisienne Farmgirl by Angela Reed .
    I don't always share the views of the latter two - I am still hooked on them. I must say your blog is pretty much a perfect fit for me. i am so glad you decided to come back. I recall checking every week or so to see if hopefully you had come back! Happy Holidays to you and your lovely furbabies !

  12. I read all sorts of blogs as it seems to combine my love of mags and reading with traveling and meeting people so I follow so many with the exception of perhaps mummy blogs. I am always astounded to see how people live so similarly yet so differently.

  13. Thank you so much, Fiona! I am honored to be one of the blogs that you enjoy! I love yours too and am so glad that you are back to posting!

  14. Well, since I was in mourning for about a year over the "closing" of your blog, I would have to say yours is one of my favorites. And I love Janet's blog too. Along with Adrienne's (The Rich Life on a Budget), these three are the ones I have continuously read and come back to since day one of blogging. Otherwise, I go in spurts. For a long time I was reading minimizing blogs, then fashion/lifestyle blogs, sometimes photography blogs. Lately, I have cut waaaaay back on blog reading (and writing) altogether--it can all be easily overwhelming and time consuming. Instead I have been reading books, learning water color and re-learning my French.

    Keep it up, Fiona. You always make me think...and smile.

  15. For me, this is the first time of being introduced to your blog - thank you for linking to me! I'm always inspired to find out about yet another hidden "friend" :o)

  16. Oh Fiona, I found another blog you might like. It is similar to the ones you've listed: quietpleasures.blogspot.com
    I just found it today and thought of you.

  17. Oh, I'm so glad to see you are blogging again! :) Thank you for linking to my blog, I'm looking forward to catching up with your posts! :) love, Tina xx

  18. Happy New Year Fiona,

    I love the idea of putting inspiring blog posts into a binder to read! I keep binders of fashion and also one for home. They have become my personal magazines as I rarely buy periodicals anymore. One can only take so much of angry looking models in outrageously priced clothing!

    You were once a visitor to my blog. I try to write about fashion, memories, museums, etc. Please visit me again.

    Donna at alovelyinconsequence.blogspot.com

  19. What a wonderful idea to make your own binders Fiona. I think your own voice is genuine on your blog, which is likely why people like to read yours. :)


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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