Thursday, March 22, 2012

Having Beautiful Skin - part 2

Following on from my last post about what I put on my skin on a daily basis to make it the happiest it can be, here are some of the things I do to pamper my skin from the inside. It's not an exhaustive list but just what seems to work for me.

- Drinking water all day long, and hot tea. I go between English breakfast with trim milk, green tea and relaxing herbal teas.

- Eating fresh fruits daily and a handful of raw mixed nuts. Also a couple of prunes and some dried apricots are consumed most days at breakfast.

- I eat good fats. Don’t be afraid of eggs, avocado, olive oil and I even think butter is good for you in appropriate amounts. I drink soy milk because cow milk seems to cause sinus problems with me but I think a mix of plant fats and limited amounts of animal fats are great for the skin.

- I try to eat something raw or at least fruits and vegetables with every meal – a piece of fruit or two with breakfast, salad vegetables with lunch and steamed vegetables or a salad with dinner. Lots of different brightly coloured fruits and vegetables are so good for our health and therefore good for our skin.

- I’m not macrobiotic, organic, vegetarian or vegan. What I do try to do is eat as much as possible, food that doesn’t come from a packet. Sometimes I’ll remember back through the day’s offerings and see what percentage was good, real food. My goal for my daily diet is to be ‘normal’.

- Think happy thoughts. What thoughts we have on the inside shows on the outside. Worry shows up on our faces, as does bitterness and fear. Learn to live lightly and let things go. I try not to hold onto things. I have a hard time not feeling guilty (for real and imagined past events, big or tiny) and am working on that. What I tell myself is it is the best I could have done at the time and I can’t go back and change it now by worrying.

- Sit up straight. Our circulation is better when we aren’t slouching and that carries nutrients to our skin.

- By the same circulation token – do some gentle exercise. A walk around the block each day is better than nothing. Take deep breaths whilst walking, and notice the beautiful trees, flowers, grass and sky around you. Even a grey thundery sky is beautiful in my eyes and you can take an umbrella with you. Walking is good for your body and the meditation which comes with stepping is great for your wellbeing and calmness.

- Having a simple routine of stretches each day is good for you too. Most days I lie on the floor and stretch my fingers and toes in opposite directions. The days I attend a yoga class I feel the best of all. I think yoga might just be the fountain of youth and wellbeing. A goal I have for myself is to work out my own little yoga routine (maybe half an hour?) and do it each day at home.

- Having down time and doing what you love. Having time to be ‘be’ and potter is so beneficial to my happiness and therefore my health and therefore my skin.

- Having lots of lovely quality sleep. When I go to bed at a reasonable hour and have a good night’s sleep I can see on my face in the morning that my skin looks rested and plumped up from a night of good moisturiser and calmness. When I’ve been out late, like on Friday night to a family 21st which saw me climbing into bed near midnight after four glasses of Chardonnay... well my skin took on a wax dummy tone on Saturday morning. Now I am in my forties I know which one I prefer!

I would love to hear your favourite ways to be good to yourself and good to your skin.


  1. Hi Fiona, I've just had a really awkward encounter with someone so your advice on worry is very timely for me! I also eat a wide variety of fruits/veg and drink pints of water. I also use pomegranate oil around my eyes and take a fish oil supplement (wow, I must smell great!) I am still toying with buying a Clarisonic -just can't make up my mind!

  2. I'm also noticing that I really need to limit alcohol to a single glass of wine, well savored, or else it shows on my skin the next day. The older I get, the easier it is for my skin to get out of balance from the slightest thing so I'm paying more attention to it now.

  3. I find reading inspiring literature (blogs included) really helps me to relax and put my mind in a better place. Reading about goodness in the human spirit is really inspiring and somehow benefits my disposition. I think this show in the way we present in the world.

  4. Ultimately, the quality of our skin comes from what we are taking in spiritually as well as physically. I have an active prayer life. And I notice older women who do have a lovely radiance about them.

    And, like you, Fiona, I smile a lot!

  5. Such great advice! I was a bit under the weather last week and was drinking herbal tea all day and my skin looked very happy. Who knew!?!? And I love that you say "Trim" milk. So much better than our term, "Skim." Let me know if you find a way to incorporate great stretching exercises into better sleep. I've heard this works but I'm not convinced.

  6. Love this post, Fiona. I pretty much do most of what you described in the post but I definitely need to work on stretching more.

    I walk daily. Lately, for toning, I have been doing exercises before bed while I do my nightly routines. While I brush, Brazilian Butt Curls/Squeezes; floss, plies; while I am swishing mouthwash, push-ups on the counter, etc. It seems to be working and I don't have to carve out time during the week for 1/2 hour of toning--although I should still do that too. ;) What can I say? I am sooooo not perfect.

    xo, Bliss

  7. Fiona,
    Really enjoyed this post. So many good suggestions. I totally believe in the fruit and vegetables. My 96 year old grandmother has gorgeous skin and it has to be with eating fresh daily and always having a positive outlook. Also not eating out of a packet. So true. I believe in the good fats too.

    I'm going to save this. Have a lovely weekend!

  8. Sulky Kitten, I need to get into fish oil again. I know Jessica cat would snuggle up to me if I did! Just kidding, I know one can still have fresh breath with fish oils. I used to have cod liver oil (from a bottle on a teaspoon) every day. I think I will invest in another bottle.

    Stephanie, shame about the wine isn't it? I have been trying to savour my wine too.

    Anonymous, you are so right. My body physically relaxes when I read such materials.

    Anonymous 2, I like what you have said.

    Jessica, good sleep for me comes from not much sugar or alcohol in the evening. Stretching is just a bonus! I always feel good from sipping green or herbal tea during the day too.

    Bliss, I think if we admitted we weren't perfect, we could all relax and be happy. Hugs to Rocky.

    Kim, your grandmother sounds wonderful.

  9. Another tip is to always use SPF and try not to get sunburns which are destructive and the worst anti-aging element out there. We went chemical-free here several years ago and can tell how damaging they are by how wonderful we felt once they were out of our bodies! (visiting via today's post 10-21-16).

    1. I never handled the sun that well growing up - lying on the beach all day would have given me a migraine, so I think that saved my skin somewhat without me realising.

  10. If you want to find out more about science-backed nutrition try reading "How Not to Die" by Michael Greger, M.D. and the most recent books by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. Both are pretty hard core, but they note the studies which back up their recommendations. Even if you don't exactly follow all their recommendations, you'll know which additions/subtractions to your diet will get you on the right path. If you don't want to read the books here is the Spoiler Alert: More vegetables & fruits (especially greens, cole crops and berries) and no pseudo foods/processed foods. (Alas, no more Velveeta...)

    1. I had to Google 'cole crops' and now I have learned something today :) I did know 'brassica' though. Lucky I eat plenty of those things. All veges have different nutrition offerings - that's why they are all different colours and flavours.

      It all comes down to real food vs. synthetic food and when you think about it, it makes total sense. Thanks for the book recommendation!


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