Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Recipe for a good night’s sleep

Gosh, time just flies between posts for me at the moment.

We have finally employed someone apart from my husband and myself in the shop. She is wonderful and with us three days a week, but it still seems like I am always catching my tail.

Yesterday I had a day off at home to bless our abode with cleanliness and order. Looking forward to a day such as this, where I go nowhere and see no one (except for Miss Jessica, who is my little shadow), makes me realise how much I love living a routine and simple life.

When life gets hectic, I realise I invariably end up going to bed too late. Often it is not from doing a job which needs to be done, but just because I am fluffing around. Perhaps if I feel rushed and busy, going to bed early makes me feel guilty because there is something else I could be doing?

I like to make a conscious effort to take these steps in order to have a good rest and wake refreshed the next day.

- Early dinner (served around 7 is early for us), 1 glass of wine maximum, or sparkling mineral water
- Computer turned off before dinner/no computer after dinner or at least 1 hour before bedtime (not only does the lit screen wake up my brain, but I find myself click-click-clicking my time away)
- Read after dinner instead of the computer or tv, with a cup of tea
- Take plenty of time for my bathroom routine – makeup removal, cleansing and moisturising, brush and floss teeth.
- Lights out well before 10pm

Any tips you could add to the blissful-night's-sleep list?


  1. All good tips for a good night's slumber. I like to have tea before bed, too.
    I always make sure to have a pair of ear plugs on my bedside for when the husband is being a noisy sleeper.

    Glad to hear you hired someone for the shop! I hope that means more free time for you and your husband.

  2. I think your list pretty much sums it up, but I'll avoid caffeine after 7 p.m. I'm also glad to hear that you've employed a person to help with the shop:)

  3. I can just see Miss Jessica padding around after you! My sleep has improved enormously since I invested in a Tempur pillow. Unbelievably comfortable! I also keep silicon ear-plugs and a silk sleep mask on my bedside table - just in case. Glad you now have some help in the shop as well.

  4. Lovely routine for promoting a relaxing evening and good night's sleep. I almost always read a bit after going to bed which helps me wind down.

  5. Great tips Fiona. I think you have all the tips covered. I would just add no caffeine after 6pm and I also burn lavender oil whilst I'm reading in bed x

  6. Your Kindle on your nightstand for quiet reading.

    No televisions in the bedroom ever!

  7. I slather on shea butter with a lavender scent and slip between the sheets with my novel, Pepper jumps on the bed and she snuggles until I read a chapter and turn out the light.

    Having an extra pair of hands in the shop will certainly make more time for you to fluff at home.

    Sweet dreams Fiona!

  8. ...."Blast. If I had known you were looking for part-time help I would've applied. Imagine the fun...: ) ~~Bliss

  9. Adrienne, I like tea at bedtime too. I've never worn ear plugs but I can see how they would be useful.

    Nanne, I don't drink coffee after about 2pm usually, but not for any sleep reason. It makes sense though.

    Sulky Kitten, I love a good pillow. I'll have a look out for your one since it comes with such rave reviews. Often in the morning one will find a small black and white cat sharing one's pillow. Your silk sleep mask sounds so glamorous.

    Juhli, I can't sleep without reading at least a page first either.

    Vanessa, I dab lavender oil on my wrists. It's so delicious!

    Anonymous, I don't have a Kindle but always a book by my bedside. I agree with no tvs. No tvs = no sex in my opinion.

    Hostess, your bedtime routine sounds blissful and quite familiar. I am hoping for more time to fluff at home in the future but have to settle for two days per week for now. Merci!

  10. Bliss, that would be fun wouldn't it. We'd never get any work done though.

  11. Not have kids? One child woke me up at 2:30 because of a bad dream and her brother woke me up at 4:30 with a fever and a need for medicine. I'm resigned to the fact that I will have a good night sleep when they all leave home in another 13 years or so.........


  12. All great habits Fiona- I meditate before I go to bed. Usually just five minutes but just sitting still for that long sets me up for a great night's sleep every time! xo

  13. Cashmere sleep socks. When I was having trouble sleeping through the night, my doctor suggested that I try wearing socks to bed. She says it helps regulate your body's temperature. Whatever the reason, it's worked for me. I know it isn't the most fetching look, but then neither is a dead-tired, bleary-eyed, grouchy beyond belief woman who didn't get enough sleep. (Who, me???)

  14. You've nailed it. It's funny because some of those rules are for my kiddos, too. The screen time so close to bed (movies, etc) is only for weekends.

  15. Tallulah, I wear mohair socks in the winter and fall asleep pretty instantly with toasty toes. I try to get over the not-fetching look idea by imagining I am a slender model padding around my Aspen getaway with a long sweatshirt and my fluffy socks on. I can't believe I am saying this out loud.

    Kristi, I have often thought that - the rules for childrens well-being are rules that are good for us too.

  16. I find that even if the physical bases are covered, if your mind is not at east you will not sleep well. So I try to make sure office time and other worries (family politics) are not discussed after 9 PM. I'm a routine-oriented person, too, and when I am out of my routine I am unable to sleep - no matter how much lavender is on my wrists or chamomile tea is consumed! :-)

  17. I love your list. I am always chasing that elusive wil-o-whisp that is sleep. Something I do, is start to prepare for bed well in advance. So at about 9:30pm I do the evening tidy up and place all things for tomorrow near the front door (repetitive chores help clear my mind), turn down the bed and allow plenty of time for makeup removal and skin care routine. Then I slide into bed, fresh, clean and scented and hopefully as close to 10pm as possible! Usually i have a not-to-stimulating book to read as well for a short amount of time.

    After reading other people's suggestions, I think I'm goin to incorporate lavendar in some way - linen spray perhaps?

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