Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chic Habits: Looking After Le Feet

Looking after le feet. Our poor feet. They are tromped around on all day, squeezed into shoes that aren't their shape, and generally forgotten about.

I've been doing two of my favourite things lately - using stuff up, and pampering myself. In my possession I have all manner of foot creams, heel balms and minty massage oil designed for the feet. These I have both purchased myself and been given as gifts. I didn't really use them though, and much as I like decluttering, I feel wasteful throwing out products I could use if I wasn't so darn lazy.

So I've rehomed all my foot goodies in the top drawer by my bed, where I also keep lip balms and creams, and body butter and rich moisturisers for the decolletage, hands and elbows. I apply all these things every night.

If I'm tired and it's late I at least do my decolletage and hands, but if I have gone to bed nice and early it's lovely to sit there using different lotions and really beautifying myself. It's a relaxing way to spend five minutes too, perfect for bedtime.

I have added feet to the list now. Some nights I might give my feet a small massage with the oil, others I might rub in the heel balm. Because it's winter here I put on bedsocks afterwards, this way I can use the thickest and most unctuous creams. In summer when it's too hot for bedsocks the lighter moisturisers will do and then I won't have sticky feet in bed.

When I wash my feet in the shower the next day they are very soft, and it inspires me to use my foot file more often than I used to. When I moisturise my legs after a shower I always include the feet too. We ask so much of them and then bemoan their ugliness (I hear it all the time in the shop, always from women). It's about time we gave them a little TLC!


  1. Fiona,

    I have been massaging oil (vit e with k) on my hands each night, paying special attention to my cuticles for the last four or five evenings. Maybe I should spend an extra five minutes and do the same to my tootsies. Thanks for the great idea. xo

  2. You are so right, I really need to take care of my dear feet more!
    And I completely understand how you feel about decluttering. Love it, but especially when it comes to beauty products, I always force myself to even use stuff I didnt like, because I dont want to pollute the environment even more... Nail polish especially is problematic.

  3. I have very dry feet and have spent $$$ in the pursuit of products that will soften them and keep them healthy.

    Last week I visited the podiatrist and showed him my stash of products. He was very, very unimpressed. He prescribed an intense hydrating cream to be used sparingly morning and night (a little goes a long way), in addition to which he stated I should purchase a jar of petroleum jelly and apply a small amount to my feet every night. In his medical opinion, anything else is a waste of energy and money.

    Well, I've been following his advice for two weeks, and my feet are surviving 100+ degree temperatures. They are soft, my callouses are vanishing, and I don't have the fissures I normally experience this time of the year.

  4. I seem to be having more trouble with my feet as I get older. I have wide feet so I find it difficult to get comfortable shoes that have any sense of style to them.

    When I got out of the shower this morning I noticed that my heels were dry and rough but didn't have enough time to really do anything about it. I'm overdue for a pedicure but I'm waiting for another week so that my toes will still look good when we go out of town for a wedding later this month.

    But you are right. Taking care of my feet is a chic habit that I should be paying a bit more attention to. Thanks for the reminder!


  5. I use face creams and samples that didn't work for my face on my feet.

    It feels great to finish up a product and chuck the empty container in the recycling bin!

    Yoga's a good incentive, I think, for keeping your feet nice. I always look at my "next-door neighbors'" feet.

  6. I keep all my moisturizers in my bedside table too and love to give my feet a treat, regularly. I use Aveeno products and will also get some petroleum jelly because it's great on feet and for cuticles on fingers and toes. My legs also get very dry so they get treated too.

  7. My heels look like a war zone....I have used that pumice thingy and rose oil but they are crying out for more!

    I think the culprit is those flip flops...
    I will try to use some shea butter and wear sox to bed...
    hubs might not even notice!

  8. Pumice stones should only be used in a dry climate because they don't dry out enough in a damp one.

    Burt's Bees has a coconut foot lotion and it's especially nice for heels. Put it on, then socks for a couple of minutes any time of day.


  9. If I ignore my feet for even a day, the results are disasterous. I think it's due to constant sandal wearing in the summer. I'm rounding up my unused lotions and samples to use and created a small drawer to house them all so I can have easy access to everything. Great idea!

  10. Fabulous idea, and you inspired to give my tootsies a bit of love last night with a cooling Peppermint foot lotion, while watching Bette Davis in Now, Voyager. It was a good night!! I'm still trying to find shoes that aren't torture when I work and I have friends that swear by Cole Haan shoes but I have yet to find a pair I like. Any advice?

  11. Dear Fiona,

    I took a break from the blogging world only to return this time on a different blogging forum (hopefully this time it will stick) and back to reading your tres chic advice! =)

    I have admittedly realized that I am very hard on my feet. and it took me a pedicure to realize! Now I at the very least try to keep my toes pretty and painted :D


  12. Adrienne, massaging oil into the cuticles is so good for your nails. I need to do that more often.

    Blue, there's always somewhere you can rub unwanted face cream. Elbows are always appreciative. You could donate old nail polish if it is still ok to a thrift store.

    Rebekah, your podiatrist's comments are interesting. I have a specialist heel balm which I find my heels are softer the next day, but I agree that lightweight creams wouldn't do much for the heels.

    Jacqui, just like facial skin I find that exfoliation and moisturisation are key. A good soak in a foot tub helps. It's easy to forget about them and have to start from the beginning, I go through phases.

    LuxeBytes/Marsi, I look at peoples feet at yoga, and it makes me take better care of mine.

    Kay, I hope you are well in Christchurch. The cold air makes skin much drier too; I sympathise with you.

    Hostess/Leslie, rose oil sounds divine. I think shea butter would be more moisturising, perhaps shea butter then rose oil? Flip flops/jandals are the worst for dry/cracked heels. I still love them though.

    Sheree, I love the smell of coconut. We can get Burts Bees here in New Zealand now so I will go and visit it for a sniff.

    Stephanie, I think any open backed shoes are dreadful for foot skin. The slapping of heel on shoe is the killer.

    Jessica, peppermint foot lotion feels wonderful on the feet. Making use of time in front of the tv is a good idea too. I can't give you shoe advice sorry, despite owning a shoe store. We don't get Cole Haan here but I've read good things about them on blogs and doesn't Oprah love them? I like Clarks shoes but don't know if they are distributed in America.

    Lenna, so good to hear from you! I look forward to reading your blog. Loved the 'go out with a book girl' post. It could be me. Enjoy your pretty toes.

  13. I've fallen out of the habit of caring for my feet like I should (and I get a rude reminder when I'm doing yoga!). Thanks for the reminder and the tips.

  14. Just discovered a couple of products over the weekend that I'm massively in love with: Butter London's Stiletto Stick and Handbag Holiday. Stiletto Stick is a light, dry oil in stick form; it is housed in a deodorant push-up stick and you just apply it to your feet lavishly and it smells divine and is so smoothing. Handbag Holiday is a really divine cuticle oil that smells like the islands. Deeply moisturizing. Both were a tad more spendy than I'd usually go for, but they really work better than everything else I've tried so far. And they feel uber-girly and luxurious.

    I also picked up a Butter London nail polish, and love the formula.


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