Sunday, July 31, 2011

More on Slimming

‘French women appreciate that Rome wasn’t built in a day (and neither was France), but rather ‘little by little’. The progress of your life towards peak experiences in all aspects of living will take time.

Changes made drastically or all at once are often the sorts of modifications that don’t stick. Like New Year’s resolutions, they are upheld proudly for a little while, but then we fall back to our old ways. Arrive at your new ways gradually, and you will leave your old ways too far behind for easy return.

And if you slip up a bit, you won’t feel a failure; you will know how to get back on track because it isn’t all or nothing. It’s a game of inches.’

- Mireille Guiliano, French Women For All Seasons

This is how I am thinking about my weight loss journey. I arrived at the halfway mark pretty promptly and directly, and have been having a more relaxing time of it for quite a few weeks now. I feel ready to tackle the second half.

I love being slimmer, of my clothes looking much better than they used to, of my legs looking slimmer and my stomach looking (a little) flatter. I love that I feel sexier and more like the chic Parisian femme I know I am in my mind. I love looking like someone who gives a damn and cares about what they look like (I didn't often feel like that when I couldn't fit my clothes).

I have been ignoring my Weight Watchers tracker book for more days than I have written in it though, and as a result have found myself on the slippery upwards slope by a kilo or two.

I am keen to carry on becoming my most ideal self weight-wise. One thing I do know is that writing everything down that you eat and drink definitely helps if you’re wanting to slim down. It might be via a method like Weight Watchers or you might just jot down what you consume and in what quantities. All Weight Watchers does is help you know the 'price' of things.

You could do it after the fact or before, by planning out what you’re going to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and morning and afternoon tea that that day. Getting into this habit will help redirect and refine what you eat. Planning ahead is the best way of course, but even knowing I’m going to be making a note of what I’m eating will help me be aware of it.

Sometimes I’ll eat ‘whatever’ anyway, but on writing it down, I realise it can be accommodated in the day, if most other things are healthy. Isn’t that how our French sisters do it?

Last night I wrote out my to-do list for today (a day off work and I will be at home). The first item on my list is ‘Be slim’. Normally my lists are a little more practical but why not be whimsical for once Fifi.

First thing in the morning, whilst waiting for the kettle to boil for tea to sip in bed with the Sunday paper (one of life’s little pleasures), I read a few pages from the above book.

It was enough to get me back into my chic mindset and look forward to being disciplined with my diet as a pleasure and enjoyable, rather than that I am depriving myself.


  1. Enjoy your Sunday!

    Good words. I will pull out my copy of the book and read it for inspiration today.

  2. Hi Fiona! I also know how hard it can be mentally to be where we want to be. I am reading a fab book called "Goodbye Fatty, Hello Skinny". It's not a diet plan book, but is really inspiring. The different methods the author used is really easy to incorporate into your daily life. It has really changed some of my "naughty" habits. Consequently I've lost weight without really trying. It's worth a read ;-)
    Sunday hugs from Spain xx

  3. HI Fiona,

    Good reminder and congratulations on your progress so far.

    I was re-inspired to tackle those last few pounds I'd like to shed when I went shopping with a very slender friend yesterday. Watching her being able to try on anything and everything that caught her eye was the motivation I needed to kick start my efforts again.

    and how funny, my word verification is "tackl" !

  4. Enjoy your Sunday as you get inspired to resume your weight loss journey. I am stating mine and have quite the challenge ahead. I find an encouraging voice through a book do your wonderful thoughts here.

    Hope that your Sunday is relaxing and restorative.

  5. Hi Sunny, you too! Enjoy spending time with Mireille.

    Vanessa, I will look for that book thanks. Losing weight without really trying is the ultimate goal! Please know that I am still unable to comment on your blog. If you added 'Anonymous' I could but I totally understand that some don't like having Anonymous comments on their blog. I am reading though.

    Une femme, I am inspired by your inspiration too. It's the thought that everything is so effortless and carefree, and the knowledge that every item of clothing will look great. With just a nudge in the right direction we can have that too.

    Hostess, I like the encouraging voice also. I have gathered together in a folder all my torn out magazine articles and printed off website ones for a regular dose of encouragement on being slim. Good luck with your journey to svelte.

  6. Great post! Thank you to Vanessa for her book recommendation. I bought it for my Kindle and read it today (not long - yeah) and it was really inspiring.

  7. Fiona,

    A wonderfully gentle reminder to us to go slow and be mindful when it comes to slimming ourselves.

    xo, A

  8. Congratulations on your progress so far! I'm working to lose weight, too, but after many years of yoyo-dieting, I try to think of it in terms of lifestyle changes rather than slimming. I want to stay slim for the rest of my life, so I'm also working on incorporating healthy eating habits as well as regular exercise into my daily routine.

  9. Wise words from Mireille! And I love the thoughts you added, Fiona.

    I adore Mireille. I owe my 120 pound weight loss to her. I bought her book, French Women Don't Get Fat, when it first came out. I followed her advice and loss a lot of weight. It took almost 3 years, but it was worth it because I have kept the weight off.

    I plan my meals out for the week, but then I break up my shopping trips so things are fresher (I don't go every day like many French women :-))


  10. Mrs Jenner, thank you. I have also just ordered the book.

    Adrienne, thank you too.

    Nanne, That's what I'm working on as well. Changing habits s l o w l y. I hope you are good and that your country is coping.

    Juliana, 120 pounds! That's incredible. Well done. And you did it the sensible (over time) way. I would love to read your story if you felt like posting it on your blog, although I understand it might be private.

  11. It's so important to remember to be honest, but gentle with yourself. I think you're handling this beautifully.

    People have been saying the oddest things to me, basically all meaning that I can eat whatever I want because I'm pregnant. Um, no. In fact it's more important than ever to really watch the types of foods I'm eating and make sure I'm getting enough, but not just eating wherever/whatever a whim leads me to!

  12. Kate, perhaps people are confusing pregnancy with being overweight? That's the only reason I can come up with. You seem to be a very stylish and healthy mother to be. I hope you are keeping well!

  13. Dearest Fiona,

    Just found you and follow. You also are on my sidebar now. Love your blog!
    Can't complain about not being slim as I've been more or less the same size since I was 15... That's a LONG time now.
    Come visit me too as I do write about a lot of different things, check the labels to the right of my blog, below...
    Lots of love,


  14. Hi Fiona
    So sorry you can't leave any comments. Where/how do I add Anonymous? Tell me, and I will get onto it pronto.(E.mail me if you prefer to send me instructions that way).

  15. Fiona, I will be happy to share my story on my blog soon!


  16. The best way to lose weight is to make small changes and substitutions gradually that you know you will be able to maintain for years. Weight loss involves long-term life-style changes that you persist with for up to 5 years and beyond. By making small adjustments to your daily intake of food and exercising a little more you can, over time, lose weight. Start with just one thing and add in others as you go along. You have to think long term, healthy eating and eating three meals a day, no skipping. The "diets" where you almost fast do nothing but convince your body that there's a famine on around here and it has to store fat to enable you to survive. You end up gaining, not losing, weight. I've found that making small changes works. I started last year and I'm now able to do up the zip on my designer trousers. I'd felt terrible when I had to remove them from their hanger and put them away until they fit. I seldom weigh myself.
    The book which inspired me is "Real Weight Loss" by Dr Doug Sellman. It's the most sensible weight loss plan I've ever come across.

  17. Hi Fiona - I'm new to your blog and am enjoying it. I appreciate your quote from Mireille. My sister and I are back to Weight Watchers after long absences. We were just saying to one another today that slow and steady wins the race. Wishing you luck and perseverance!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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