Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chic Mentors

You know how sometimes you meet someone who has an impact on you? I’m talking about the little impacts here, not meeting the love of your life or your new best friend. In French Chic world they are known chic sightings.

I’ve started a Word file called Chic Mentors where I note down all the women (and men) that I’ve known (and continue to know) that have had a chic impact on me. Sometimes it might just be a few words they’ve said, what they were wearing or the impression they always give me when I see them (favourable).

An example is one I jotted down yesterday. I was working in the shop and in came a tv newsreader who I’ve seen a couple of times shopping with us (she lives in the area). She was walking past with her beautiful border collie and tied him to the door to come in for a browse.

I believe she is around 42-43 in age. Other times she has come into the shop I’ve thought how pretty and young she looked, and she was unassuming and quiet too, with a touch of standoffishness (in a self-preservation way rather than a ‘I’m a star’ way).

Yesterday she had exercise clothes on – knee length tights in navy and a navy t-shirt. Compared to other women I see who don’t eat anything and have Rachel Zoe withered skin over breast-implant skeletons, she was still curvy despite being very slender and petite and her skin had a lovely golden glow (she is blonde). She had a look around and then continued on with her walk.

I make little notes in my Chic Mentors file and enjoy reading back on them when I’m feeling less than motivated.

For the lady above I simply wrote:

X from tv who walks past with her dog – slender, healthy and golden-skinned with navy t-shirt and navy below-the-knee leggings.

Naturally this brief description means more to me than it does to you, because it triggers my memory and I can remember the impression she gave me. It helps me pick up my chic sticks again and carry on.


  1. Keeping notes of this is a wonderful idea! And the first one I'll put down is about the picture you've posted. It really is time I get a great strand of costume pearls!

  2. I love that you do this! I hope that if you should ever meet me, I might make it into the chic mentor file--what an honor! XxBliss

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend:)

  4. hi fiona,

    i don't write down these observations like you do but i am very aware of people, men and women. someone who stands out really makes an impact on me and i do take mental notes. it could be a haircut or a pair of shoes even, but i always notice.


  5. I do the same thing, Fiona. Not only do I note attire, but skin coloring, how the hair is worn, and mannerisms. These real life examples are more meaningful than the adverts in magazines or celebrity examples.

  6. I think if I had a place to write it down I would probably try and see more. As it is, unfortunately I don't see many sightings like this. Perhaps your observations one day, Fiona, will be treated as evidence for what exactly is that je ne sais quoi! (they certainly help me!)

  7. Lovely posts. Just love your blog.


  8. I love chic sightings. I think my last one was at Christmas Eve and I posted about it. I'm sad to say that where I live these sightings are few and far in between! Love to read other's sightings.
    thanks for sharing.

  9. I like this idea, too! I already have a couple people in is a distant relative that I met in Canada. She made such an impression on me! She was so warm and welcoming, and was just the sweetest woman ever. Her house was so neat and organized...and her attire and hair/make-up all very chic. Also, she is also very intelligent...after having kids, she went back to school and became a high school math teacher.

    I agree with's definitely more than the way you's the way you carry yourself and behave towards others and the vibe you give off that truly make you a chic woman.

  10. I used to work in a hotel in Amsterdam as a receptionist. One of the hotel owners was a chic German woman who dressed in classic quality clothes and had the manners from a family with tradition aristocrate. She wanted us girls to always dress with care and we had to wear dresses and skirts. She often complimented us with our nice outfits. Every morning at 11.00 she invited the whole staff including the cleaning ladies into the small restaurant of the hotel to have coffee with her and her husband and talked with everyone. At Christmas she bought beautiful presents for all of us to thank us for doing our jobs so well. She was the most chic and at the same time the warmest person (boss) I have ever known. She never felt that she was more then either of us. She is my example of what I think is chic.

  11. I like this idea…I have a few, but I'm a little back and forth. I have one favorite- monochromatic, sophisticated…I should stick with her.

  12. @Mink--that was inspiring and beautiful. What a great lady!!

  13. This helped me pick up the chic sticks too! I keep a list of chic sitings in a small notebook I always have with me in my handbag. Re-reading them is so helpful sometimes.

  14. What a lovely idea! And I love the photo of the grand Dame Coco. I have even approached someone who would definitely be in my "chic file" to inquire where they acquired this or that or simply to compliment them. I am happy to say I have experienced the same to me once or twice myself. And I have always received, and given, a grateful and happy response! Tres chic!

  15. Yes, yes, yes! I am all over this. What a treat to see the real beauties! Thank you for this wonderful post!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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