Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quiet Time

I've been having quiet time lately.

Hardly any computer at home, lots of reading, sparkling water instead of wine, home-cooking and early nights. It feels wonderful and is just what I need. Quiet time counter-balances the manic-ness that is life in our shop. Trying to keep on top of everything is a nightmare at the moment.

But I do my best and know that when we step in the door at home, it's quiet time. I take the original idea of quiet time from school-children, where the teacher designates a time to slow down, be still and relax. Soft music may be playing to assist. Quiet pursuits like reading are encouraged.

Quiet time is good for the soul, and helps you rejuvenate to face the world again.



  1. I think that you are a very wise and clever know what you need and to make it happen.
    Silence, slow food, sparkling water and sleep sound like sage advice.

    Sweet dreams!

  2. Oh, I agree . . . I couldn't agree more with what you have shared. It sounds like you have been having some lovely time slowing down.

  3. I am usually in bed between 21 and 22:30 nightly. It is very good for one's soul indeed. It's important to be able to enjoy reflective time. Have a sweet Sunday;-)

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments. I appreciate them. I think we all are packing so many things into our days, it's no wonder our poor bodies beg for a little break.

  5. hi fiona,

    i can just picture you in your peaceful setting. i love the intentional transition you make between work and home.

    i am a sparkling water freak. i love it! also hot baths but, and this will prob surprise you, i don't really like 'soft' music. i love rock music and it really relaxes me somehow. go figure.


  6. Thank you Cherie!

    Janet, you are full of surprises, so your love of rock music doesn't surprise me. You probably get your share of flutey waterfall whale music at work anyway.

  7. I love my quiet time with country and classical music. Quite a nice mix, I think!

    When my children were small, we always had quiet time in the early afternoon. Each to his own room. They were not required to sleep, but had to be quiet. Reading and quietly playing with toys was allowed. Sometimes I would use that time to get supper started.

  8. Hi Dot, this is exactly what I was thinking of. It would assist their lunch settling too. I enjoy country as well as classical - tell me they don't come together though!

  9. That's what we all need to do - slow down, enjoy the silence and the simple things in life.

  10. Love quiet time- I try to get in a meditation every night after the baby has gone to sleep...

  11. Love these thoughts...they gave me permission to grant myself some solitude. I crawled under the covers and read until I dozed off to sleep for a much needed nap. I NEVER do that during the week! I never grant myself the time.


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