Monday, September 20, 2010

Instant Chic

I was thinking about what makes me feel instantly chic and came up with this list.

- Sleek hair tied back, rather than wearing it down and wavy

- Putting handcream on and pushing back cuticles

- Touching up my makeup: a little powder on the nose, comb eyebrows, brush hair if it's not tied back, touch up lipstick and spritz on some fragrance

- Dressing in neutral colours

- Wearing heels (they don't have to be very high) rather than flats, with dark denim jeans

- Giving myself an attitude check: less grumpy and more positive

- By the same token, thinking chic: imagine I am a chic Parisienne going about my day

- Relax my face and soften my mouth into a small smile, rather than a normal non-smiling mouth which can look turned down at the corners

- Wearing red lipstick with not much eyemakeup except for plenty of black mascara, or alternatively a little more around the eyes with light pink/beige lip gloss

- Wearing the classics: dark denim, neutrals, crisp white shirt, 'diamond' stud earrings or hoop earrings, beige cotton trench coat

- Tossing on a scarf

What can you add to this list?


  1. I definitely love the last 2 on your list.
    Of course I would have to add, a great signature/cocktail ring worn with an expensive man's watch, lovely sunglasses perched on my head holding my hair off my face and a spritz of a beautiful French fragrance.

  2. I really like 5, 6, 7, and 10. I need to do those more often. And 8 just makes me feel happier so that's always chic. Great list.

  3. Number 9 always works for me. And I would have to add black liquid eyeliner in a cats eye style - thin or thick depending on the lightness or darkness of the lip: thick line for a nude lip and thin for a darker lip.

    Great post, Fiona!

  4. Great check list! I've said mine under my breath until now. A woman needs these reminders! I would add the fine mist of a water spray bottle about my face and body when feeling a bit fried. Other than that, you nailed it!

  5. I love your list! Small things that really do have a big impact on your look and your mood.

  6. A very good list and I try to do many of those same things. For me, dark wash jeans, heeled shoes or sandals, hoop or diamond stud earrings, hair pulled back, and dark sunglasses always make me feel chic when I have to run errands. Oh, and I need to start adding Hostess's suggestion: sexy, lacy lingerie!

  7. I think you list is perfect. The only thing I can add is an instant attitude shift to being more in the present and aware of my actions. In a way, calculating my moves more and considering options before I do something like having lunch, or deciding to buy something. If I bring it down, become selective and delight in thinking with clarity, I feel more chic.

  8. Vanessa, thanks for your additions. They are all so chic. I love a statement watch. I think I need to wear my sunglasses more, not just when it's really sunny. They really do add a touch of je ne sais quoi.

    Kamani, thank you! I think so too. Actually making your face smile a little bit does make you happier. And who doesn't love that.

    Leslie, I'm so not laughing. I'm thinking of my lingerie drawer, wondering if it would pass muster. Such a good tip that I can't believe I didn't think of it. Time to go knicker shopping.

    Adrienne, love the eyeliner tip.

    Debra, a misty sprayer feels so good and makes your makeup dewy. I wonder if they still make those small bottles of Evian mist? I think I will employ that tip again this summer. Merci.

    Phyllis, thank you. I am excited because I picked up Operation Prince Charming from the library last night and will start reading it today. It started the first few pages as soon as I got it and the words draw you in straight away. Yay!

    Cherie, I like your style. Folk might wonder if it's a Jackie O chic lookalike out at the supermarket.

    Stephanie, this is such a great addition to the list. I always feel more chic AND make much better choices when I do this. Merci!

  9. hi fiona,

    i never consider myself chic. but if i had to spruce up quickly i would first stand up straight, smile and put on some red lipstick.


    ps ~ and try to keep my mouth shut.

  10. Love your list Fiona- So many ring true for me too! Hope you're well xx

  11. Along with all your suggestions, I also watch my posture--sitting and standing properly and, may I say, proudly.

  12. Janet, a good checklist! I think a smile fixes most things, and you have to keep your mouth shut to smile don't you???

    Jennifer, lovely to have you visit.

    Kathy, thank you for your comment. Posture is an instant improvement, and adding self-confidence really makes a difference. Other people can sense it. Great tip!

  13. I love this list and have passed it on to my Twitter followers. I found myself nodding right along with each point. Thank you for sharing.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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