Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Week Report

A week has passed since my 'revolutionary' decision to eat real food chicly, and not diet. I am very happy with the progress I have made so far. I have felt very calm and relaxed towards food and drink and made good decisions most of the time.

My weight has reduced by 500g (just over one pound) in this week, so I am very pleased to be slowly moving in the right direction while leading a 'normal' eating life.

I am not concerned with quick weight loss which is so addictive with WW. I could easily lose every two days what I took a week to lose this time. I have eaten some treat foods and also a small amount of faux food which I think is fine.

I am happy to be this weight and continue to eat well. It will balance up in its own time. Librans like myself are big on finding their balance - the scales is our symbol - tip too far one way or the other feels off balance and out of sorts. Our thing is all about finding our equilibrium. I really have felt more balanced this week than I have in a long time.

I was also out of town staying with my Mother for three days, and in that time ate out more than normal. Cafe lunches, coffee and cake, dinner etc. It was fabulous to feel guilt-free. If I was dieting, I would be worried that I wouldn't be able to stick to low-calorie food so just think 'blow it, I'll eat everything and start again next week'. I will think this no more.

Even when I slipped back into faux food habits a couple of times, those few slips did not mean descending into junk food hell, rather I just dipped into them and out again, back to normal, good food.

I felt great relief at not having to go back to points, and felt more relaxed and more stable in my eating habits. Less schizophrenic if you like (on points/super strict, off points/eat and drink all I can before I go back to 'jail').

I naturally chose low-calorie/high nutrition food for lunch a couple of times at work when I had nothing else organised. I could have had home-made pizza from the freezer, but instead I felt I needed something more nutritious and less 'cloggy' (I had a sinus headache for a couple of days and felt dreadful) and chose a small tin of flavoured tuna, rice cakes, raw celery and carrot diced, with an apple for after. This really is unheard of for me if not on WW points - to actually choose a meal like this.

A book I was reading at Mum's said of alcohol, even though it is extremely high in calories, the body cannot store them (that's why alcoholics are thin). It's the high-fat foods you snack on or the sugary fizzy mixers you use with alcohol which cause the weight gain, as these are stored straight away because your body is using the alcohol energy. And even worse, this fat is stored around the middle of your body. My worst spot.

So that really reinforced my decision to choose wine and low-fat or no snacks (of course no drink at all would be the best but I'm not a saint).

A newspaper article I read during the week said that eating lots of fruit and vegetables gives your skin a glowing, golden appearance after just 30 days. I'm all for that and have been adding more fruit and raw vegetables into my day. I already eat a good amount of cooked vegetables (steamed brocolli, cauliflower, beans etc with olive oil drizzled over, and a roast potato, sometimes pumpkin).

I had a gin and tonic and some potato chips at my Mum's, and actually didn't enjoy it that much. I would have been happier with a glass of wine and no snacks. Could it be that after all these years I am finding my natural appetite?

I know one week isn't long, and it's easy to be enthused at the start. It actually is my biggest fear that I go back to how I was. Slow and steady wins the race I think though.


  1. F - This is fantastic. I loved reading about how you did it, what it felt like and the results. It is very motivating. And all without having to do WW and all that point counting. What a nice change.

    After keeping a food log for a couple of weeks, I noticed a trend that I'm not eating enough vegetables and fruit and I'm eating too much bread and pasta. It's not balanced and I temporarily took it off the blog so I could re-work this and re-think the foods I should be eating, shop for them and then re-start the food log. I'm going to the market today in fact and am looking forward to it.

    I'm so happy for you that you treated yourself so well and had a great result. It sounds like you are enjoying foods you actually like now.

  2. Thanks S. Yes, as good as WW is, and it's a system that works, it is more relaxing to just live life. A food log is a great idea and good on you for pinpointing where you need to rebalance.

    My husband is following a body-building eating plan at the moment. His lunch is spaghetti bolognese without the spaghetti (so just mince cooked in tomato pasta sauce), a couple of raw carrots and a couple of raw celery sticks. I have been pinching the celery and carrot idea from him and it's a refreshing addition to lunch or pre-dinner snacks. Crunchy is quite satisfying, and I'm adding wet fibre into my diet too. I want that golden, glowing skin!

  3. NONONONON, I have to clarify this.

    Alcohol does have calories, almost as much as fat, 7 vs 9 cal per gram, and your body can store them. Your body stores sugar as fat and also knows how to convert alcohol into kinetic or potential energy. If your body didn't metabolize them and they went straight through you you wouldn't get drunk! Your body doesn't metabolize artificial sweeteners, which is why even though they taste sweet they do not give you energy. I don't know what book you are reading, but it was hardly published by anyone who know anything about body chemistry.

    On top of that, the calories from fizzy drinks, etc. are consumed.

  4. sorry to be late with my comment, I am Deb from Italy. yes, starting off right now you are very inspiring and motivating to me. Any fashion advise needed from italy here?

  5. I'm a Libran too! I feel like I'm always trying to find the balance, and that balance definitely comes from moderation. A little bit of what you fancy etc. A few lifestyle influencers that I follow discuss eating in the way you have described, so I've started trying it out myself.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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